Friday, March 20, 2015

Recent Buy

I have not been doing much recently except trading a few options here and there. I was looking to get back into regularly buying solid stocks. I realized the opportunity to regularly accumulate more shares of Disney stock than what I already held in an ESPP since the end of 2009, but has now been transferred into a DSPP. The result of that will be monthly contributions of DIS stock which I received in both February and March 2015. Imagine if I was accumulating these shares for the last 5+ years from the cheap prices of those 2008 days. Here are the results of my investments:

Transactions show on March 2, 2015 I bought 1.4132 shares of The Walt Disney Company (DIS) at $105.41 per share.

Transactions show on March 23, 2015 I will have bought 1.4043 shares of The Walt Disney Company (DIS) at $106.08 per share.

Even though these prices are maybe 5 times what I have paid in the past I feel this is a great company for the long term. The annual dividend is not my favorite aspect, but the company just keeps on moving higher. I would like to acquire as many shares as I can and then if a split happens down the road and they move higher again I'll be a very happy shareholder. People will continue watching and buying their movies, merchandise, theme park tickets, and all the different wide range of activities their business participates in. Not even the recent downgrade by an analyst seems to stop the momentum.

What do you think about Disney at these price levels? Thanks for reading.

Photo Source: The Walt Disney Company: Press Release (Google Images)

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

February 2015 Dividend Update

Now that we have 2 months of 2015 in the books it is time to update my dividends for February 2015. This is one of the favorite aspects for many of us when we can tally up our passive income. When it grows consistently we know we are going in the right direction month after month and year from year. Each day I like to believe the light of covering expenses with passive income is getting closer. I would definitely much rather work a job I enjoy than have to settle for ones I don’t exactly desire one day. I would like to thank everyone for their comments and support as you share your journeys and insights.

Monday, February 2, 2015

January 2015 Dividend Update and Goals

It is that time to report on the dividends received over the last month. The last couple years were exciting as we watched more dividend investors take the journey towards focusing on passive income. I personally look forward to many more years of great dividends. I accomplished the goal of paying my car off early and made some progress towards my BBA degree over the last year or so. I did not reach my goal of $2700 in dividends mainly because I could not afford to put too much capital to work and taking on school related debt. I will set the 2015 dividend goal of $2800. I would be really happy to hit $3K this year, but depending how things happen $2800 is a challenge as well. I decided to cut my hours at work nearly in half during the year last year. Another goal is to finish my Bachelor's degree by this year in December if possible.

Friday, January 9, 2015

December 2014 Dividend Update

December was another great month to end the year for dividends. Many are scheduled to pay out in December and a couple companies do special dividends yearly or semi annually on top of their regular payments. Some BDC's, CEF's, and MLP related oil stocks had to cut the dividend. They had to start the new year with a more reasonable dividend policy due to low oil prices and unsustainably high payout ratio. I received 44 dividend payments in December.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

2 Big Dividend increases

Over the last 24 hours shareholders of two companies received a very nice pay raise. I own one in my taxable account and the other in a Roth IRA. Both of these stocks had big increases last year also. I remeber Boeing being 50% and 3M may have been 33%. Those raises are bigger then I may be able to achieve from any company in a lifetime of a working career.


First was Boeing raising the dividend 25% from $0.73 to $0.91/share and approving a higher buyback amount of $12B worth next year. Also a bullish outlook with a record baklog helped them raise the dividend above analysts expectations.  Below is from a press release:

Boeing Co. said its board authorized the repurchase of $12 billion of the aerospace and defense company's shares over the next two to three years and raised its quarterly dividend by 25%. The company's quarterly dividend will rise to 91 cents, up 18 cents from its previous payout to shareholders of 73 cents a share. The dividend increase results in a yield of roughly 3%. The dividend is payable to stockholders of record as of Feb. 13, 2015.

3M wordmark.svg

This morning was 3M raising the dividend 20% from $0.855 to $1.025 per share. 3M also said that they project 12% earnings growth next year. This is from the 3M press release:

The board of directors of 3M (NYSE:MMM) today declared a dividend on the company’s common stock of $1.025 per share for the first quarter of 2015, a 20 percent increase over the quarterly dividend paid in 2014. The dividend is payable Mar. 12, 2015, to shareholders of record at the close of business on Feb. 13, 2015. 3M has paid dividends to its shareholders without interruption for 98 years.

Anyone else a happy shareholder in these names?

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Monday, December 8, 2014

November 2014 Dividend Update

November is over already and we are already over a week into December. I have final exams this week in my classes and then it is really time to start celebrating and getting ready for Christmas. I hope everyone is doing well. I noticed the big selloff and dividend cut in my prospect shares as well as the closed end fund GGN cutting the dividends a good amount. It would be nice to see the external management fees brought down on Prospect and I am interested on how the spinoffs would be handled. I am going to continue to hold and collect a still generous yield while waiting for more information to be released.

Monday, November 3, 2014

October 2014 Dividend Update

It has been a volatile month in October. With a big pullback and a snap back rally that caught many investors by surprise. As many have noticed the ARCP accounting scandal that ended the month was not welcoming. Many investors lost all confidence in the company and sold.  I cannot blame them after what management has already put them through.  However, I am not the same type investor as everyone else focused on a longer term as I still believe the assets and rent are there to make this company worth owning a position. Call me a contrarian or crazy, but if there are not any more major skeletons being uncovered in a few years I will be happy I did not sell at a loss. Another benefit to this ordeal is I am not underwater that much because I got some shares for a better price with the takeover ARCP did with COLE. I will be able to continue to collect the dividends and counting on them not to cut it if they can avoid it. Even with a cut the yield would be quite high and the properties and rental income should be able to cover the payments. Over time this should be able to dissolve assuming no major news comes out. It is a calculated risk worth taking and since you should be well diversified to start with, it is a lesson to some. In other news Enerplus (ERF) recently terminated the stock dividend program that was beneficial for shares and tax payments.