Saturday, July 20, 2013

What type of investor are you?

This is my first post and thought I'd ask what type of investor you are.

I am very interested in the stock market and like to research investing. Unfortunately not many people generally have knowledge or are interested in the stock market. Many people I have met have worked their whole life, but never paid attention to their investments or retirement planning.

The world of investments is complex and there are many different investment strategies and goals varying from person to person. Some are scared away by the normal up and down swings of the market and quit altogether. Others see it as an opportunity to make money. Which way is the most consistent way to make money? You can buy more shares of a penny stock or cheap investment and lose it all just as easy. You can buy less shares of a great business and use compounding to make a large sum over several years. There is ongoing debate between which are better mutual funds or individual stocks. Then there are bonds, ETF's, Options, Futures, and FOREX. There is no shortage of choices and opportunities to be involved in the markets as a speculator.

I have found dividends to be of the most stable and predictable way of making money longer term. I am sure you can make a lot on momentum stocks and options with taking more risk. I love watching dividends hit my account and do not know why people try to say they are too boring and not for anyone, but older people or retirees. By reading and studying about company's financial history through their websites, annual reports, and several investment blogs you can make a reasonable prediction on how they will perform into the future. This strategy has worked for a lot of people, but you must stay diversified as well. Having several high performing stocks that pay you to own a piece of their business is a great way to be involved in the market. Just in case one goes bad and cuts the dividend, others with rising payouts can quickly offset it. You can focus on which ones are most attractively priced within an overall market and buy what you choose. There is a tool some use called dollar cost averaging where you buy same amount of $ worth of shares no matter the price and as it fluctuates it will buy you more or less shares depending on the price.

What type of investor are you? Do you follow Warren Buffett or Benjamin Graham principles? Are you speculative or one who is too scared you will gamble away all your money?

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