Saturday, April 26, 2014

Early FI is achievable regardless of what people say

Often times at work I have conversations with people about the desire to retire early and have more time to enjoy life.  Usually the thought comes up when I am stressed out and being told what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.  Although there are some people who seem to be content and enjoy the day to day grind.  I think these are the people in the minority rather then the majority.  There are a few excuses why people don't think they too could pursue financial independence like I am.  One is the time and effort would be too much nonetheless the mounting bills adding up.  Inflation for everything except the paycheck.  There are a couple weak excuses also I have come across from people about FI being a negative.  Here are two of them and sometimes I think jealousy is at the heart of these claims.

1)  What are you going to do just sit around and do nothing all day?  Like retirement at a early age forces you to just sit around and do nothing.  No, you will be mobile and pursue dreams and careers you love much more.  There will be more time to spend doing what's important outside of being dominated by a work 90% life 10% type balance.

2)  Somebody has to work at the company doing the vital things necessary.  While this is true in a sense, it does not make their case any stronger and actually I argue it weakens their point.  There are a lot of people who would love to work and no shortage.  Just because one person retires early unless they are the heart and soul of a company it does not mean the company will go under.  People retire from the top all the way down all the time at major U.S. companies and a lot of select strong companies thrive.  The leaders and employees leave a legacy that last until the next generation of leaders can take over and achieve solid operating results.  I am happy for the people who love it so much that they want to work at the same job until 70+ years old.  That is a company I'd like to be a part of because it means the employer is treating them well and with respect.  The claim that somebody has to do it though in no way justifies who that someone is.  So in the end does it have to be you or me doing it?

I look at all these young entrepneurs, investors, and early FI seekers and am amazed at how well they have executed the plans.  Knowing firsthand how hard it is to get ahead I can only wish all my fellow bloggers the best.


  1. Hell yeah! It's all about figuring out what we want out of life. Then forming a plan and executing it! Actually executing is key... No room for excuses like the two you mentioned. Sit around all day? no way! Too much skiing, camping, and outdoor stuff around here for that. Wish we had a beach though ;)

    The best you as well my friend!

  2. CI,

    You are doing a great job over there executing your plan. It won't be too much longer for you before you can choose to take a permenant skiing and/or other fun filled vacation with if you want. I wish the weather would warm up and stay warm over here. Winter seems to be longer and longer every year. Wouldn't mind being in FL for at least 6-8 months a year. Thanks for the support and following along.

    Keep up that great progress you've been making!

  3. I think FI is a concept a lot of people resonate with but just a minority are willing to make the sacrifices needed. You're going to have to cut back on things if you want to reach FI, especially at a very young age. The question "what are you going to do all day" always surprises. Do these people not have goals/dreams/amibitions/hobbies that they'd like to pursue? The hardest thing for me is going to figure out which thing to focus on each day.

    1. Passive IncomePursuit,

      I agree it takes a lot of focus, hard work, and planning. There are a lot of uncertainties to consider and deal with along the way. I also agree with there are so many more enjoyable things I could do from the early hours in the morning to mid-late afternoon. By the time you check what time it is you are doing the same routine off to work all over again before you have a chance to enjoy anything. The quicker I can own my own time and focus on important things that matter the happier I will be.

      I enjoy a lot of different things and would like to make a positive contribution as a whole. Taking money out to invest is a sacrifice to some extent, but I enjoy the whole experience and research more then what I do at work. Have I gotten any work related finance experience yet: no. I'd like to though sometime soon.

  4. SWAN,

    I particularly never understood the second point. With the unemployment rate as high as it is, I can't understand how anyone would rationally argue that it's better for the economy to stay in your job when you really dislike it. It just smacks of ignorance.

    Keep up the great work!

    Best wishes.

    1. Dividend Mantra,

      I agree I just don't understand that excuse. I do think it boils down to jealousy to an extent because they usually seem to be mad when they say something negative towards the plan. Maybe because they feel they missed their chance at the same thing or for whatever reason. I strongly believe in hard work, but at some point if you work a job you despise it becomes unhealthy.

      The better one is treated at a job they at least semi enjoy the more hours they'll want to put in and help the company. Seems some companies can should be able to pick up on this and offer more attractive incentives.

      Thanks for all you do!

  5. From my own personal experience, the doubters are generally the ones who are living in the moment. They have little saved in savings and/or retirement. They live paycheck to paycheck. Sometimes, they are even living beyond their means. To them, early FI is unattainable because can't see themselves doing it. But more importantly, they aren't willing to make the sacrifices necessary to be FI. So since they can't have early FI, they have to do and say things to make it less attractive or possible for you.

    Continue what you do and lets prove the doubter wrong...Wishing you nothing but success in your journey to FI!

    1. AFFJ,

      I totally agree with you. There are for sure people who live above their means and then want to try and be defensive or make it seem unattainable for you to accomplish FI. You have to find a good balance with spending, saving, and investing to work towards achieving goals.

      Thanks for the support and let's do our best to show everyone it can be done!