Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A 3.7% Dividend Raise from this REIT

National Retail Properties today announced a 3.7% dividend raise.  This increase upped the dividend from $0.405 per share to $0.42.  This is another company I don’t track on my monthly dividend reports as I hold it in my Roth IRA.  This is another REIT that seems very committed to supporting shareholders with long term dividend growth.  The website features photos of checks in the mailbox to symbolize the importance of shareholders receiving the income they provide.  As stated on the press release earlier today: National Retail Properties (NNN) is one of only four publicly traded REITs and 102 publicly traded companies in America to have increased annual dividends for 24 or more consecutive years.


  1. That's a very reasonable increase given the payout ratio and yield. I've been tracking NNN for sometime now, never pulled the trigger as the price always seems to high. I do own O, which is a fantastic company. Thanks for the update!


    1. Henry,

      I've been a very long time owner and fan of O and agree with you. The company has been a stellar performer with monthly dividends. I hear you on the price of NNN. I was fortunate to buy it at $26.40 just not as many shares as I would have liked.

      Thanks for stopping by! Appreciate your comments.

  2. A raise is a raise. Besides, REITs and MLPs in general do not have crazy high dividend increases. They already have a very high yield to start. Thanks for sharing.

    1. DivHut,

      I will definitely take a raise every time. I got 0% quite a few years lately from work. To combat that I enjoy getting raises EVERY year from great companies. I don't usually buy MLPs as much because of K1 forms may complicate things. Options are already new to me trading every once in awhile.

      Thanks for stopping by DivHut!