Friday, March 20, 2015

Recent Buy

I have not been doing much recently except trading a few options here and there. I was looking to get back into regularly buying solid stocks. I realized the opportunity to regularly accumulate more shares of Disney stock than what I already held in an ESPP since the end of 2009, but has now been transferred into a DSPP. The result of that will be monthly contributions of DIS stock which I received in both February and March 2015. Imagine if I was accumulating these shares for the last 5+ years from the cheap prices of those 2008 days. Here are the results of my investments:

Transactions show on March 2, 2015 I bought 1.4132 shares of The Walt Disney Company (DIS) at $105.41 per share.

Transactions show on March 23, 2015 I will have bought 1.4043 shares of The Walt Disney Company (DIS) at $106.08 per share.

Even though these prices are maybe 5 times what I have paid in the past I feel this is a great company for the long term. The annual dividend is not my favorite aspect, but the company just keeps on moving higher. I would like to acquire as many shares as I can and then if a split happens down the road and they move higher again I'll be a very happy shareholder. People will continue watching and buying their movies, merchandise, theme park tickets, and all the different wide range of activities their business participates in. Not even the recent downgrade by an analyst seems to stop the momentum.

What do you think about Disney at these price levels? Thanks for reading.

Photo Source: The Walt Disney Company: Press Release (Google Images)


  1. DS,
    I was also thinking of buying up some more shares of DIS, but the price just keeps trending upwards. I definitely don't want to wait and say the same thing when DIS gets to the $120's. Just waiting to get paid from work which sucks when it's only twice a month.

    1. Dividend Mongrel,

      The company has been knocking it out of the park lately. Plus I'm a big fan of the company having some experience working in the parks and resorts before. Add in some very low commissions the way I am accumulating it and it is attractive. Good to know that you are already a fellow shareholder looking to add still.

      Hope we get some cheaper prices.

      Thank you for dropping by!

  2. I think this is a great company and that it is time to get on board if not already (even if the price has risen up... still fair I think). So your move is smart. Yield is low, but the growth potential of the dividend and the company in general is just insane! To me, there's no doubt it will be a company I will hold for a long time!

    1. DivGuy,

      I'm thinking I probably will hold Disney for a very long time or forever if possible. It is possible we may get a split at some point and then it runs up again we can make a lot of $$. I would not mind a switch to quarterly payments schedule also, but if they keep this up I'm fine.

    2. Yeah, I don't fear any split. I'm confident it will run up again if it does happen. We all love quarterly payments, but hey! As long as we get paid, I'm in! ;-)

    3. DivGuy,

      Yeah I hope to accumulate a nice growing position in Disney. I think that we will both be some happy shareholders.

      By the way congrats on Dividend Monk that is pretty cool! I am glad Matt is doing well too!

    4. Very late on this reply, but thank's a lot! :-) Pretty happy with it too. Matt is still on board with the newsletter so that's good stuff for the readers as well!



  3. Yeah, that's cool to have him back some too. Having 2 well known dividend blogs will be fun and interesting.