Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Recent inspiring articles

I wanted to share a few articles I came across today that are inspiring to me. I hope you enjoy them and find value in them as well. These prove that our goals and aspirations can be achieved. Even if we have a relatively small income or slow start. Continuous saving, investing, and compounding at work can turn small decisions, changes, and money into wealth.

Here is an excellent piece by MSN money of a couple fellow bloggers and their stories of early Financial Independence.

Dividend Growth Investor was kind enough to share the tax rules and how a couple can obtain $95K in dividend income and pay 0% tax under the United States tax code. The rules definitely seem to favor dividend income and long term capital gains tax far more than taxable work incomes. Smart investors would enjoy this as long as it lasts. Hopefully indefinetly!

Here is a what looks to be a good article on Success. I have not read this full article yet, but it seems like a great one. A story how a young man quit his job making a good income and living to pursue his dream of traveling arounf the world while he was still young and had the energy to do so.

What do you think of these? Find them interesting or beneficial? Thanks for reading.

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