Monday, August 1, 2016

July 2016 Dividend Update

We are already through July and into the first week of August 2016 and it is another chance to update the monthly accumulation of dividends. I am also happy to see that I crossed over 100K pageviews since starting this little dividend blog.
The Coca-Cola Company (KO) $12.46Pimco High Income Fund (PHK) $1.86
Solar Sr. Capital Ltd. (SUNS) $1.57
Bluerock Residential Growth REIT (BRG) $1.03
Coach Inc. (COH) $8.47
Whitestone REIT (WSR) $8.51
Blue Capital Reinsurance Holdings (BCRH) $6.60
Communication Sales & Leasing (CSAL) $3.28
Gramercy Property Trust (GPT) $1.62
Horizon Technology Finance Corporation (HRZN) $1.64
Independence Realty Trust (IRT) $1.46
Main Street Capital Corporation (MAIN) $2.02
Realty Income Corporation (O) $24.19
Stag Industrial Inc. (STAG) $1.39
Voya Global Equity Dividend & Premium Opportunity Fund (IGD) $2.58
VeREIT Inc. (VER) $13.53
Windstream Holdings Inc. (WIN) $0.67
York Water Company (YORW) $1.64
Enerplus Corporation (ERF) $0.61
Student Transportation Inc. (STB) $1.75
Prospect Capital Corporation (PSEC) $42.00
Gamco Global Gold Natural Resources & Income Fund (GGN) $8.49
General Electric Company (GE) $4.02
Buckle Inc. (BKE) $2.63
Stone Harbor Emerging Markets Income Fund (EDF) $5.52
Cornerstone Strategic Value Fund (CFP) $7.95
Fifth Street Finance Corporation (FSC) $7.36
LTC Properties Inc. (LTC) $6.27
Reaves Utility Income Fund (UTG) $3.49
The Walt Disney Company (DIS) $68.94

July 2016 Dividends: $253.55

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  1. With that nice long list of companies paying you in July you definitely can SWAN. I started looking in STAG and LTC a bit more recently. Nice to have a monthly dividend payer but the whole REIT sector seems quite expensive these days. Thanks for sharing your dividend total. A very respectable amount.

    1. DivHut,

      REITs have been doing really well. Maybe it was that recent classification they were added onto? LTC especially took off.

  2. Dude congrats on 100k pageviews. I need to get on your level! That is awesome!!

    1. PID,

      You have a great blog and even a better message behind your life and posts. I'm sure you will get there!

      Thanks you for coming by!

  3. Great Job SWAN!
    Seeing your progress help me keep motivated! I'm thinking of picking up some (GE) i'm just worried the market might take a dive. August, September can be some tough months.

    1. Steve Divi,

      Thank you man! I didn't care much for GE freezing the dividend during all the reconstruction of the portfolio. I think they should do much better in the future though. Could be a great long term pickup.

  4. Hi,

    having so many companies in your portfolio are you able to track them all? YOu know, reading about businesses etc?

    1. Dividend TIME,

      Yes and no, I try to track the most important articles of all the stocks that show up in E*trade. Follow the dividend announcements and there are a quite a few stocks I DRIP and plan on holding for life.

      Thanks for stopping by and asking. Hope that helps!

  5. 3 stocks in common KO Main and O have my eye on a couple more but not enough money lol. Great month

    1. Doug,

      Nice job! Those 3 have been solid for me. Same problem you have going on for me. Keep rolling though.

  6. nice passive income! I see Disney is your favorite stock. :) Thanks for sharing. I noticed some companies I don't know about, so I have something to research now. :)

    1. Happy Healthy and Wealthy Girl,

      Thanks! I hope I can increase my passive income some more this year. Have to balance paying off debt though. I do really like Disney and think it has been beaten down unfairly for most of 2016.