Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Dividend Update-September 2013

September has passed and I am glad to report my dividend income for the month.  I received some money for owning a portion of the some of the World's top companies.  Some of these companies I purchased years ago and some more recently, but all provided me the opportunity to just let the shares sit in my account while they continue to meet their operations and grow their business.  In the process of growing the business they decided to reward me as a loyal shareholder.  I feel blessed and appreciated to be rewarded with this passive income.  I agree with companies decisions to pay out dividends to shareholders, because I would rather have a portion of the earnings then trust a manager to have the opportunity to squander it or reinvest it in ways that for whatever reason don't work out during an uncertain economy.  I continue my plan with the structure being to reinvest it back into the businesses that paid the dividend and compound my shares and dividend income month after month and year after year.  My September dividend income was as follows:

Cole Real Estate Investments  (COLE)  $1.57
Ford Motor Company  (F)                      $2.12
Wheeler Real Estate Investments  (WHLR) $1.20
Solar Senior Capital Ltd.  (SUNS)         $1.23
Southside Bancshares Inc.  (SBSI)         $7.09
Boeing Company  (BA)                          $10.87
ExxonMobil Corporation  (XOM)          $6.92
Johnson & Johnson   (JNJ)                      $2.22
United States Steel Corporation  (X)       $0.36
Whitestone REIT  (WSR)                        $5.10
CSX Corporation  (CSX)                         $1.73
American Realty Capital Properties  (ARCP)  $3.49
ING Global Equity and Dividend Opportunity Fund  (IGD)  $2.11
Horizon Technology Finance Corporation  (HRZN)  $1.21
Kellogg Company   (K)                            $7.60
Lightstream Resources Ltd.  (LSTMF)    $0.70
MAIN Street Capital Corporation  (MAIN)  $1.37
Realty Income Corporation  (O)               $19.23
Inland Real Estate Corporation  (IRC)     $0.69
Mcdonald's Corporation  (MCD)             $29.10
Pengrowth Energy Corporation  (PGH)   $0.46
Prospect Capital Corporation  (PSEC)     $35.84
Waste Management Inc.  (WM)               $5.70
Gamco Global Gold Natural Resources & Income Trust  (GGN)  $10.00
Enerplus Corporation  (ERF)                    $6.11
Armour Residential REIT   (ARR)           $0.13
Cornerstone Progessive Return Fund  (CFP)  $7.26
Fifth Street Finance Corporation  (FSC)   $8.55
Gladstone Capital Corporation  (GLAD)  $3.01
LTC Properties Inc. (LTC)                        $4.70
Pepsico Inc.  (PEP)                                    $6.51
Wheeler Real Estate Investments  (WHLR #2 paid in Sept from August)  $1.21

September 2013 Total Dividends: 195.39

Photo Credit: www.marketcyclewealthmanagement.com (Google Images)


  1. Nice to see another dividend investor holding BDCs. I'm long PSEC and TCPC. They aren't common yet. I think more and more though word will get out and its more an issue that its just a new business structure for most people.

  2. Pulling Myself Up,

    Yeah I like some of the BDC's Prospect seems to be pretty popular and I like the way it has performed while maintaining great monthly dividends with slight increases every month. I haven't looked much at TCPC, but seen it mentioned a few times. I got MAIN for a good price, but too bad don't have a ton of capital to work with when the opportunity arose. REIT's and BDC's help boost the yield on the portfolio with the regular steady payers. I hope people do catch on and start to invest in the asset class. Some of them just may be financing the next big company and have a stake in it with BDC's.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting! Hope you are doing well here in October!

  3. Very solid month! Since you guys are discussing BDC's, do you have any recommendations or names to start with? I've heard of PSEC before, that's about it. I plan to look at some BDC's and at least add a couple to my watch list. I could see myself grabbing a few BDC shares if I need to replace LINE. Thanks.

    1. Since my reboot I have found there are so many things I need to post and talk about that I have made hidden from my youtube days.
      Discussing BDCs is one of them.
      I prefer PSEC and TCPC on valuation and yield. TCPC is fairly new and I don't think well known yet.

  4. CI,

    Thank you! I like Prospect the most for the short term at least since they announced monthly dividends through May 2014 already. MAIN has been a solid monthly dividend payer and raised it a few times and recently has paid special dividends on top of the 12 regular payments. I have several BDC's in my portfolio some specialize in different areas. They have the same tax structure as the REIT's and MLP's with paying 90% to shareholders to avoid being taxed at corporate level I think. Some of them have been structuring their portfolio's with floating rate loans so as interest rates rise in the future they will also benefit. Fifth Street launched a new website geared towards individual investors recently. I hope that shows their commitment as I am hoping they are able to maintain their dividend rate. SUNS, GLAD, and HRZN are small positions and BDC's in my portfolio also. Here is a link to a list I found on internet of some not sure if most up to date.


    Best wishes,

  5. SWAN,

    Great job! That's a heck of a list right there. I see some names on the list that I hope to own sooner rather than later.

    That's passive income you didn't have to work for that can then be reinvested into new investments which will provide even more income down the road.

    Keep it up!

    Best wishes.

  6. Dividend Mantra,

    Thanks for visiting! You have quite a few stocks in your portfolio I'd like to own eventually also. I have really enjoyed following your progress and collaborating with some dividend bloggers. You had a very nice month! I can only imagine if we all started in early to mid 20's where you would be today. Still, look at how far you can come in just a few years of persistence and sticking with your plan. I look forward to reading and communicating ideas as we research and find some stocks that belong in our portfolio over the long term.

    Hope you are doing well!

  7. Realty Income and McDonald's made up a good portion of your dividends. Way to go!

    $200 in September is awesome. That buys a lot of food or pays off lots of bills.

    1. $25,000 Dividend,

      Thanks for the encouragement and inspiration,

      You are right Realty Income, McDonald's and Prospect Capital accounted for a good amount of September dividends. Dividend investing can really work great as I know you have already figured out with your portfolio. Congrats on your record month! Looking forward to hitting higher totals and record months!