Sunday, September 22, 2013


I apologize that it has been a while since i have posted anything here.  I continue to follow all the wonderful bloggers out there, but have been busy with work and school.  The markets are still up big from QE being extended again.  Some stocks have performed exceptional the last couple weeks.  Good to be a part owner of companies like 3M and Boeing .    I will be watching for one of the largest REIT IPO's in history in early October in Empire State Realty Trust (ESRT).  I will also be scouring through multiple stocks and sectors looking to narrow down watch lists.  STAG and Chambers Street (CSG) are switching to monthly dividends in Q4.  Some REIT's and BDC's look attractive for price and yield if can correctly analyze them and management to make sure the yield is safe in the foreseeable future.  I am looking to diversify eventually further and see KMI as a favorite amonst everyone.  Going to have to try and look into the opportunities of income that may generate if I initiate a position.  While many solid favorites of Dividend Investors are expensive I hope to find the bull market with dividends.  It is always nice to get capital appreciation and have the cake and eat it, but a temporary correction would also be welcome to average down on some equities while reinvesting and producing even higher dividends through lower stock prices/total cost.  What is on your watchlists?


  1. On my watch list there are a few.

    BDC: PSEC, PNNT high yield and definitely looking good will buy one of them on market open Monday. I only have $700 to buy into it and will finish my position on Oct 15th witha total of $1000 invested in one of these two.

    Equities : GE just waiting for it to get under $24 would love to gobble some shares at $23. USB just waiting for it to get to the 2.5% yield before I pull the trigger. WMT just waiting for ot to get to the 2.5% yield before I pull the trigger.

    This is it for now. I am hoping for a 3-7% pull back to make these purchase a reality.

  2. Hello JDavis!

    Thank you for stopping by! You have a nice list there ready to accumulate some shares in great companies. I have a pretty nice position in Prospect Capital and love the dividend visibility. So far I have been impressed with the way they have managed and maintained the company and hope to see it continue indefinetly. I have a pretty small position with General Electric as well and it has treated me well with both price appreciation and dividends. I have seen PNNT thrown around a few times as a great BDC choice too. I too was thinking about a WMT or TGT for the portfolio eventually. I have been kind of stuck recently trying to pay down some debt incurred, so I have not been buying much of anything most recently unfortunately.

    One of my other BDC's MAIN has done well ever since I bought my small stake. They have been raising a half penny every 6 months last couple times as well as paying special dividends when capital allows.

    1. I own 33 shares of MAIN. I plan on buying more. Update I ended up buying 61 shares of PSEC. Happy camper here with the purchase. I plan on bringing it up to 100 shares and calling that a full position in the stock. Also, Thanks for the mention of Target stock. i will look into it and see if it will compliment my portfolio. I do shop there. Might as well get some money back from them.

      Paying down debt is a good thing! I know it doesn't show in the making money category but every month that we pay things down or off is one less bill to pay in the future. I am hoping to pay discover off this month! I will know for sure in a few days as I am awaiting payment back from a warranty I canceled. Good luck with debt payoff!

    2. I think you will be happy with the income Prospect Capital will generate for you for the next few months. Currently it gives me the most money from dividends in my portfolio. Hope that management is right along with other BDC's and when interest rates rise it will benefit them even greater since they are filling in for what banks used to do more often I think they are necessary to help jumpstart businesses.

      Ever since I found cheap, high monthly dividends its been hard to buy expensive stocks for quarterly dividends. Even though I know it would be more stable and safer that earnings would cover the dividends and raises.

      Yeah I know I have some school expenses for tuition and books as well as having to pay back some other expenses like my cellphone. I was doing good for this month until my American Express Delta Skymiles card decided to add a $95 annual fee on last day of the cycle. I plan on most likely cancelling the card down the road because of this unnecessary fee.

  3. Hey how's it going?

    No need to apologize, everyone who is able to save money presumably has a job and should understand. Great news with STAG and CSG, monthly dividends are where it's at! I hope to join you as a MMM shareholder one day, great company. My watchlist is TGT and XOM at the moment, but in all honesty I'm probably not buying anything till next month. I try to pay attention even when I'm unlikely to act.


    1. I'm doing good, thanks!

      Yeah going from work to school does not give me too much time in between. I own some XOM! I posted this watchlist from my phone because wasn't working on the computers at my work. I've noticed some spelling/grammar errors on some of my comments which I am usually pretty accurate with and must have been in a hurry. I plan on writing and making posts more often and hopefully can communicate and encourage others. I saw CSG and STAG switching. I bought 10 shares of STAG, but don't own CSG yet at least. I also just stumbled on yet another monthly paying REIT IRT that is externally managed and looks like could be interesting.

      Yeah 3M is in my ROTH IRA I was happy to scoop up 10 shares for $77.50. Also got 6 shares KMB for $62.62 after a $3+ pullback that day. I want to make a purchase, but kind of stuck right now, but also not that patient and make smaller buys a lot and pay $9.99 per commission. Thanks for the comment!