Saturday, August 31, 2013

Dividend Update-August 2013

Now that August has passed by it is time to look back at my favorite aspect of my investments.  How many dividends my investments were able to throw off in August 2013.  I am looking forward to reading everyone else's results in August and expect September to be a huge month for many of us!

Cole Real Estate Investments                   (COLE) $0.99
Deere & Company                                    (DE)      $5.63
Solar SR Capital Ltd                                 (SUNS) $1.22
Whitestone REIT                                      (WSR)   $5.07
American Realty Capital                          (ARCP)  $2.87
ING Global Div & Equity                        (IGD)     $2.09
Horizon Technology Finance                   (HRZN) $1.20
Lightstream Resources LTD                    (LSTMF)$0.70
MAIN Street Capital Corp                       (MAIN)  $1.36
Procter & Gamble Company                   (PG)        $4.74
Realty Income Corporation                     (O)          $19.14
Pengrowth Energy Corporation              (PGH)     $0.45
Inland Real Estate Corporation              (IRC)       $0.68
Caterpillar Inc.                                       (CAT)      $4.00
Southern Copper Corp                           (SCCO)    $1.55
Enerplus Corporation                             (ERF)       $6.08
Prospect Capital Corporation.                (PSEC)     $35.48
Gamco Global Gold Natural RSCS & Income (GGN)$9.89
Armour Residential REIT                      (ARR)       $0.13
Cornerstone Progressive Return Fund   (CFP)        $7.14
Fifth Street Finance Corporation           (FSC)        $8.47
Gladstone Capital Corporation              (GLAD)    $2.98
LTC Properties Inc.                               (LTC)        $4.68

August 2013 Total Dividends: $126.54

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  1. Looks like a nice month. Pretty awesome having 21 positions sending you money in August! How many positions do you have in total?

    1. Thank you Compounding Income! I love having multiple dividends paid out throughout the whole month. Makes it feel good psychologically at least getting dividends almost every week day. I have 31 dividends scheduled to payout in September! I am getting near 40 positions I think soon. Recently have not done much with my ROTH IRA and wish made more to be able to afford my expenses and add to both retirement accounts and my regular brokerage. Mostly have been building the dividends in my main taxable brokerage and hoping to build it into a powerhouse one day!

  2. Great month! $126.54 way to go! You have 31 Dividends paying out in September? Thats awesome. When you establish a position what is the minimum amount of cash you start it with? How big do you want your portfolio to grow ( how many stock positions do you want?) I am curios. Thanks. Great job!

  3. Thank you for the kind words Jdavis!

    Yes, I have about 21 different equities that pay monthly dividends now and quite a few quarterly ones payout this month such as BA, MCD, JNJ, XOM etc. As far as how big my portolio goal is I am not sure. My goal is to keep increasing the dividends paid to me indefinetly. I have every eligible position enrolled in DRIP plans currently and can't wait for the day where I can take cash or a check. I was even thinking about maybe if capital ever allowed opening another account where I just take the cash dividend while letting the other account reinvest.

    I am thinking between maybe 55 and 60 positions I will start to look at which ones I can strengthen with more shares when they are attractively priced. Aside from this account I have a few positions in a ROTH IRA and a 403(b) account with Fidelity, but only am given mutual funds to pick from. I have been investing in it pretax and ROTH selections, but do not receive any company match, so I am contemplating lowering the % I allocate to it soon.

    Hope you are doing well!