Thursday, August 1, 2013

Dividend update July 2013

Now that July has passed and we are beginning the month of August I will update my dividends received in July 2013.  The market has been on a prolonged upswing throughout most of this year and makes it hard to find many bargains.  I think that still the best way to track progess is the income that your investments generate in the form of dividends.  Capital appreciation can always be nice, but cannot go on forever.  Besides in the accumulation phase it is not always good as it risks you paying for overvalued stocks.  Still in the long run my investment thesis will remain to search and acquire shares in high quality dividend paying stocks.  It is inspiring to see dividends grow month after month.  It is a blessing to be able to be a new member of this community of investors interested in becoming Financially Independent as soon as possible.   

Overall I was happy with my July dividend totals and my income is becoming more consistent each month that passes.  Like many others March, June, September, and December are currently the biggest monthly totals.
I hope to find and learn about all of the other investors and how they are doing.  May everyone stay encouraged to pursue their goals and document their achievements.
Coca Cola Company (KO)       $5.94
Wheeler REIT           (WHLR) $1.18
Solar Sr Capital Ltd  (SUNS)   $1.21
Whitestone REIT      (WSR)     $5.04
American Realty Capital Properties (ARCP) $1.19
ING Global Dividend & Equity Opportunity (IGD) $2.07
Horizon Technology Finance Corp (HRZN) $1.19
Lightstream Resources LTD (LSTMF) $0.69
Main Street Capital Corp (MAIN) $1.35
Realty Income Corp (O) $19.07
Windstream Corp (WIN)$5.41
Pengrowth Energy (PGH)$0.45
Inland Real Estate Corp (IRC) $0.68
Prospect Capital Corp (PSEC) $34.47
Enerplus Corporation (ERF) $6.05
Gamco Global Gold Natural Resources & Income (GGN) $9.78
General Electric Company (GE) $3.01
Main Street Capital Corp (MAIN) $1.75  **Special Dividend
Armour REIT (ARR) $0.13
Cornerstone Progressive Return Fund (CFP) $7.02
Fifth Street Finance Corp (FSC) $7.12
Gladstone Capital Corp (GLAD)$2.96
LTC Properties Inc. (LTC) $4.66
Wheeler REIT (WHLR) $1.19  (Paid on 7/1/13 for June)
July 2013 Total Dividends: $123.65
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  1. Nice month and great diversification! Glad to see a fellow LTC shareholder. That particular REIT has been a nice holding for me, plus I expect to see a dividend boost soon. I'm thinking either next quarter or early 2014.

  2. Compounding Income,

    Thank you! You had a great month of July too looks like! Yeah I like LTC and it has dropped from their highs also. I hope we do get that dividend raised too and think they will reward us! Seems like most of the DGI bloggers follow OHI, but not LTC. I have a lot of monthly payers, but they are pretty much concentrated in the REIT's and BDC's.

    Best wishes in August!

  3. Hey Swan, just discovered your blog and thought I'd drop by. It looks like you have a great start on your way to your goal of financial freedom. Keep it up!

  4. Captain Dividend,

    Thanks for stopping by! You've got a great blog there too! Looks like your dividend totals keep on accelerating as well. Hope you are having a great August!

    Best wishes!