Friday, August 9, 2013

Some Recent Dividend announcements

Remember buying the stock the day before the ex date gets you the dividend.  In most cases you must purchase the stock 3 full business days (ex date) before the record date to receive the dividend.

American Realty Capital Properties (ARCP) ex date: 08/06/13  Payment date: 8/15/13 $0.07583/share

Cole Real Estate Investments (COLE) record dates of 8/30/13, 9/30/13, and 10/31/13  Payment dates of 09/03/13, 10/1/13, and 11/1/13 $0.06/share

Southside Bancshares (SBSI) record date 08/22/13 and payment date of 09/05/13 $0.20/share

Windstream Corp (WIN) record date 09/30/13 and payment date of 10/15/13 $0.25/share

Roundy's Inc. (RNDY) record date 08/19/13 and payment date of 08/26/13 $0.12/share (ROTH)

Kimberly Clark Corporation (KMB) ex date of 09/04/13 and payment date of 10/2/13 $0.81/share (ROTH)

Horizon Technology Finance Corp (HRZN) ex dates 08/15/13, 09/16/13, 10/15/13, and 11/15/13 and payment dates of 09/16/13, 10/15/13, 11/15/13, and 12/16/13 $0.115/share

Fifth Street Finance Corp (FSC) ex dates of 08/13/13, 09/11/13, 10/11/13, and 11/13/13 and payment dates of 08/30/13, 09/30/13, 10/31/13, and 11/29/13 $0.0958/share

Wheeler REIT (WHLR) ex date was 07/31/2013 and payment date of 08/31/13 of $0.035/share

Prospect Capital Corp (PSEC) ex date 08/28/2013 and payment date of 09/19/2013 of $0.110200

These Prospect dividends previously announced on 06/17/2013

ex date of 09/26/2013 and payment date of 10/24/2013 of $0.110225
ex date of 10/29/13 and payment date of 11/21/2013 of $0.110250
ex date of 11/26/2013 and payment date of 12/19/2013 of $0.110275
ex date of 12/27/13 and payment date of 01/23/2014 of $0.110300

Full Disclosure: Long ARCP, COLE, SBSI, RNDY, WIN, KMB, HRZN, FSC, WHLR, and PSEC


  1. I own PSEC too and I was thinking how sustainable the dividend they pay is. Then I decided to go with LGCY instead, but what do you think about PSEC? I like that they pay monthly, but in the past I was burnt so many times byt stocks like this that I kinda hesitate buying them.

  2. Dividend Investing Martin,

    I really like Prospect declaring the dividends early for next several months. It is hard to tell since LTM payout ratio on website has risen dramatically from before. They seem to be making a lot of investments and aggressive, but kind of have to rely and trust management more then some safer companies. I've read that PSEC and FSC may actually benefit from a rise in interest rates based on the way their loans are structured, but time will tell what happens and when that will happen.

    I'm with you on not getting burned, but I likely will hold and see how it plays out. We'll see how their earnings stack up in a couple weeks and hope they can get payout ratio back in line. Legacy may be a good choice, but for taxable accounts at least I am not crazy about K1 tax forms.