Monday, May 18, 2015

Technology and Finance

Many bloggers use a lot of cool apps and budgeting techniques with their gadgets these days. There are a few that I have tried and overall they worked pretty well. I do not really use any right now, but may go back to certain ones in the future. I have downloaded a lot of apps that I deleted only to not use due to storage and also safety concerns. I don't like when there is a 25 page disclaimer ridding the app of any reliability for mishaps.

With that said, I have personally used the AMEX credit card app, the Fidelity investments app for my retirement account. The one app I still use most would probably be my seeking alpha one to read articles on a wide range of securities. I've used, but minimally traded on the E*TRADE app.

An iphone app that I really enjoyed and worked well while I had it was Dividend Predictor by moneypeeps. You can put in your whole number of shares of each stock and it will tally up about what you monthly dividend amount will be, goes down to each day, and also a yearly total and total portfolio yield to account balance.

Anyone else try these apps? Do you use any cool apps to track your investments?


  1. Hi Dividend SWAN!, or the Mint app, is a fantastic budgeting and goal-setting tool. I use it to save 60% of my after-tax income every month and put that towards my retirement goal.

    Best regards,
    Dividend Beginner

    1. Dividend Beginner,

      That's good to know that it has helped you save that high of your income. That will help you build some wealth pretty quickly. I have heard other people use and like Mint too. You seem to be doing pretty well already especially for someone who's name is Dividend Beginner!