Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I have been nominated for the LIEBSTER award by The The Dividend Family Guy.  He has made some great contributions to the blogging community since he started journaling his family’s progress.  I would like to thank him for accepting his previous nomination from another fellow blogger Living At Home.  The award is designed for you to answer 5 questions your nominator asks you and then to pass it on by nominating other bloggers and formulating your own questions.


Here are his questions:

1.      Why is the Sky blue?  Good question and one I cannot fully answer other then I will say I believe God had the authority to make that decision.

  1. If everyone knows saving is good and you should not spend more that you make why is America the way it is?  I think it comes down to people’s wants being prioritized more than their needs.  I get it and think it is great to have nice material possessions, but not at the expense of being a slave to lenders with debt.  People are not being taught responsibility as well as they should and seem to want more for less work.
  2. If you were an old billionaire (say $10 billion) would how would you split up your money between family and other things important to you?  That is a tough one I’d probably make sure family is taken care of.  I’d likely donate some income to great charitable organizations as well.  A lot of it though would still be invested I think because I just find a lot of enjoyment in researching stocks and staying in the game for the long haul.  With that amount of money the income it would throw off would be enough to do a lot of things to help in much needed areas.
  3. Is a house a worth it? I don't see many super frugal people blog about owning one.  To most I would say a house is definitely worth it.  The value used to go only up for a long time.  Lately it has been harder to realize the benefits of it.  It takes a lot of work and money to fix things, but in the end especially if you have a family and kids owning a home as opposed to renting a apartment is worth it if you can afford to in my opinion.  Condos are not too bad idea if you can get into the market while prices are depressed.
  4. How much time do you research stocks you invest in?  Got me with that question.  I am constantly researching stocks and trying to keep up to date with all the news.  There are so many companies to monitor and research for prospective and current investment candidates.  I would say maybe 50 hrs or so a week on average.  I enjoy it though and it’s not like I have a boss forcing me to do it.

Once again I thank The Dividend Family Guy for nominating me for the LIEBSTER Award.  Some of these guys are busy and may not be able to find the time to do this. I now have to come up with some nominees, but it’s hard to find a new blogger who has not been nominated yet.  I will go with some I have been reading for awhile:

1.      $25,000 Dividends

2.      Dividend Mantra

3.      My Dividend Journey

 Here are a few questions for them:

1.      Do you think it is better to buy a car or lease a car?

2.      If you had to do college again knowing what you know now would you still pick the  same degree major?

3.      What was your first stock?

4.      At what age did you start getting interested in the stock market?

5.      Did a person or event help you learn at any time that you were heading in a direction you did not want to go that would lead you into too much debt?



Sunday, August 3, 2014

July 2014 Dividend Update

We now have 7 months on the books for 2014 and it is time to update my dividend progress for July.  We have started to get a correction to end the last two days of July and looking forward to what the markets can bring us here in August.  The dividends steadily rolled into the accounts buying me more shares.  I have not been buying too much lately so it is mostly the compounding effect powering the totals a little bit higher from my April total.  I expect next month to be a similar total and September to be a better month like it is for most of my fellow DGI investors.  August I am expecting to receive two dividend from GLAD for some reason they are paying one the 5th and another the 29th instead of the last day of the month of July like it usually has done for many months.

How was you your July?  Hope you are doing well in August!

Thanks for reading.