Monday, December 16, 2013

Recent Dividend Increases

Boeing raised their dividend today 12/16/13 by 50% from $0.485 to $0.73 per share quarterly.  Additionally approved a $10B stock buyback plan expected over next 2-3 years.  I'm a happy shareholder in BA!

Pfizer raised their quarterly dividend today 12/16/13 by 8.3% to $0.26 from $0.24 per share per share quarterly.  That is their 301st consecutive quarterly dividend.  Not a bad record.

General Electric raised their quarterly dividend 16% from $0.19 per share to $0.22 per share.  Another raise I am happy to receive as a shareowner.

Prospect Capital Corporation continues their fractional dividend raises every month through June 2014.  This company is a BDC that pays monthly dividends of $0.113 a share currently.

Walt Disney Company raised their annual dividend 15% from $0.75 per share to $0.86 per share.  A happy owner in a seperate ESPP account from a few years ago.  I wish I had more shares and at the prices I paid in the past.

AT&T raised their quarterly dividend last Friday 2.2% from $0.45 a share to $0.46 per share.

Mastercard raised the quarterly dividend 83% to $1.10 a share.  Also announced was a 10 for 1 stock split with the quarterly dividend being paid at a rate of $0.11 post split.  Mastercard also approved a buyback of $3.5 Billion worth of Class A common shares.

Archer Daniels Midlan raised their quarterly dividend 26% also today from $0.19 to $0.24 per share.  Citing strong cash flow generation an future earnings power.  They plan on changing the policy of paying out 20-25% of earnings in dividends to targeting 25-30% in the future to more directly let shareholders participate in the success.  ADM also announced the intention to buyback 18 million shares or $725 million at current prices back from shareholders by the end of 2014 to offset dilution.

Sources: Etrade Financial Corporation

Disclosure: Long DIS, PSEC, GE, BA

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Dividend Update-November 2013

As we enter the final month of the year I am happy to report my November dividend total.  I thank God I am able to work and be in good health and provide these updates.  The markets have been rising throughout most of the year, but the plan remains intact to acquire income producing assets that one day cover all my expenses.  When this happens I can choose whether I want to work more, less, or not at all.  December has started off with a welcome pullback maybe a bit overdue.  Realty Income, BP, TGT, Prospect, ARCP, and WMT are some names I've been watching.  Although I keep an eye on a large list of companies in my portfolio my interests can change based on the value or discounts I can find.  I hope these updates provide inspiration for others to take control of their own portfolios and be responsible for their own actions instead of relying or blaming others when their returns are not met.  I continue to be inspired by my other fellow bloggers I have listed in my Blogs I follow page.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Dividend Update-October 2013

October has passed and I am glad to report my dividend income for the month. I received some money for owning a portion of the some of the World's top companies. Some of these companies I purchased years ago and some more recently, but all provided me the opportunity to just let the shares sit in my account while they continue to meet their operations and grow their business. In the process of growing the business they decided to reward me as a loyal shareholder. I feel blessed and appreciated to be rewarded with this passive income. I agree with companies decisions to pay out dividends to shareholders, because I would rather have a portion of the earnings then trust a manager to have the opportunity to squander it or reinvest it in ways that for whatever reason don't work out during an uncertain economy. I continue my plan with the structure being to reinvest it back into the businesses that paid the dividend and compound my shares and dividend income month after month and year after year. My October 2013 dividend income was as follows:

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Exciting week in the markets so far!

It has been a good few days for me so far this week in the markets.  Yesterday Kimberly Clark rallied big on earnings and followed through today.  Today Boeing smashed the estimates and soared like their famous new plane that has been delayed many times the 787.

Then also this morning ARCP announced a proposed merger with COLE.  I own shares in both companies and they had been fighting over COLE turning down a couple offers from ARCP in the past that resulted in ARCP CEO Nicholas Scorsch calling a COLE executive a liar I recalled reading in the past.  There is a offer on the table and I would have the option to receive a specified amount of cash per share for my COLE shares or 1.0929 shares worth of ARCP for every COLE share owned.  I think I would likely take the shares as with all the ARCP acquisitions and mergers this will make them the World's largest REIT. It would result in an enterprise value of $21.5 Billion Market Cap and the dividend will be raised again to boot.  I can't argue as a shareholder with raises in my monthly dividend income and a stronger portfolio and company for leverage in the REIT industry.  I am considering trying to add to these positions in the future as both plan to continue normal operations and dividend payments until the merger is completed.  I'm still trying to read and learn about the details of this merger, but also looking for attractive income producing securities to welcome to my account.

What about you?  Having a good week with earnings?  Own any ARCP or COLE?

Friday, October 18, 2013

Fidelity 403(b) plan holdings

My employer retirement plan is through Fidelity and I do not receive a match.  I contribute to the plan at varying percentages over time depending on many factors.  These are my current funds holdings and prices as of 10/18/13:

Fidelity Contrafund (FCNTX)  $97.53/share
Fidelity Diversified International (FDIVX) $35.82/share
Fidelity Cash Reserves (FDRXX)  $1.00/share
Fidelity Freedom Index 2050 W (FIPFX)  $14.67/share
Spartan Long Term Idx Adv (FLBAX)  $11.53/share
Fidelity Select Gold (FSAGX)  $20.55/share
Fidelity Select Defense (FSDAX)  $115.48/share
Fidelity Select Energy (FSENX)  $64.52/share
Fidelity Select Healthcare (FSPHX)  $185.81/share
RS Partners A (RSPFX)  $42.69/share
Fidelity High Income (SPHIX)  $9.37/share
Vanguard Total BD MKT IDX (VBTIX)  $10.70/share
Vanguard Institutional Index Fund (VINIX)  $159.93/share

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Dividend Update-September 2013

September has passed and I am glad to report my dividend income for the month.  I received some money for owning a portion of the some of the World's top companies.  Some of these companies I purchased years ago and some more recently, but all provided me the opportunity to just let the shares sit in my account while they continue to meet their operations and grow their business.  In the process of growing the business they decided to reward me as a loyal shareholder.  I feel blessed and appreciated to be rewarded with this passive income.  I agree with companies decisions to pay out dividends to shareholders, because I would rather have a portion of the earnings then trust a manager to have the opportunity to squander it or reinvest it in ways that for whatever reason don't work out during an uncertain economy.  I continue my plan with the structure being to reinvest it back into the businesses that paid the dividend and compound my shares and dividend income month after month and year after year.  My September dividend income was as follows:

Sunday, September 22, 2013


I apologize that it has been a while since i have posted anything here.  I continue to follow all the wonderful bloggers out there, but have been busy with work and school.  The markets are still up big from QE being extended again.  Some stocks have performed exceptional the last couple weeks.  Good to be a part owner of companies like 3M and Boeing .    I will be watching for one of the largest REIT IPO's in history in early October in Empire State Realty Trust (ESRT).  I will also be scouring through multiple stocks and sectors looking to narrow down watch lists.  STAG and Chambers Street (CSG) are switching to monthly dividends in Q4.  Some REIT's and BDC's look attractive for price and yield if can correctly analyze them and management to make sure the yield is safe in the foreseeable future.  I am looking to diversify eventually further and see KMI as a favorite amonst everyone.  Going to have to try and look into the opportunities of income that may generate if I initiate a position.  While many solid favorites of Dividend Investors are expensive I hope to find the bull market with dividends.  It is always nice to get capital appreciation and have the cake and eat it, but a temporary correction would also be welcome to average down on some equities while reinvesting and producing even higher dividends through lower stock prices/total cost.  What is on your watchlists?

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Dividend Update-August 2013

Now that August has passed by it is time to look back at my favorite aspect of my investments.  How many dividends my investments were able to throw off in August 2013.  I am looking forward to reading everyone else's results in August and expect September to be a huge month for many of us!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Some Recent Dividend announcements

Remember buying the stock the day before the ex date gets you the dividend.  In most cases you must purchase the stock 3 full business days (ex date) before the record date to receive the dividend.

American Realty Capital Properties (ARCP) ex date: 08/06/13  Payment date: 8/15/13 $0.07583/share

Cole Real Estate Investments (COLE) record dates of 8/30/13, 9/30/13, and 10/31/13  Payment dates of 09/03/13, 10/1/13, and 11/1/13 $0.06/share

Southside Bancshares (SBSI) record date 08/22/13 and payment date of 09/05/13 $0.20/share

Windstream Corp (WIN) record date 09/30/13 and payment date of 10/15/13 $0.25/share

Roundy's Inc. (RNDY) record date 08/19/13 and payment date of 08/26/13 $0.12/share (ROTH)

Kimberly Clark Corporation (KMB) ex date of 09/04/13 and payment date of 10/2/13 $0.81/share (ROTH)

Horizon Technology Finance Corp (HRZN) ex dates 08/15/13, 09/16/13, 10/15/13, and 11/15/13 and payment dates of 09/16/13, 10/15/13, 11/15/13, and 12/16/13 $0.115/share

Fifth Street Finance Corp (FSC) ex dates of 08/13/13, 09/11/13, 10/11/13, and 11/13/13 and payment dates of 08/30/13, 09/30/13, 10/31/13, and 11/29/13 $0.0958/share

Wheeler REIT (WHLR) ex date was 07/31/2013 and payment date of 08/31/13 of $0.035/share

Prospect Capital Corp (PSEC) ex date 08/28/2013 and payment date of 09/19/2013 of $0.110200

These Prospect dividends previously announced on 06/17/2013

ex date of 09/26/2013 and payment date of 10/24/2013 of $0.110225
ex date of 10/29/13 and payment date of 11/21/2013 of $0.110250
ex date of 11/26/2013 and payment date of 12/19/2013 of $0.110275
ex date of 12/27/13 and payment date of 01/23/2014 of $0.110300

Full Disclosure: Long ARCP, COLE, SBSI, RNDY, WIN, KMB, HRZN, FSC, WHLR, and PSEC

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Dividend update July 2013

Now that July has passed and we are beginning the month of August I will update my dividends received in July 2013.  The market has been on a prolonged upswing throughout most of this year and makes it hard to find many bargains.  I think that still the best way to track progess is the income that your investments generate in the form of dividends.  Capital appreciation can always be nice, but cannot go on forever.  Besides in the accumulation phase it is not always good as it risks you paying for overvalued stocks.  Still in the long run my investment thesis will remain to search and acquire shares in high quality dividend paying stocks.  It is inspiring to see dividends grow month after month.  It is a blessing to be able to be a new member of this community of investors interested in becoming Financially Independent as soon as possible.   

Monday, July 29, 2013

What stocks are cheap right now?

With the market's prolonged rally I am looking to see what has not ran up as much.  I have found a few companies for my watch list.  There are some $100+ stocks I'd like to add to my holdings or amount of shares I own, but are quite expensive. 

I kind of wish companies like MCD or MMM would split around here and I would do my best to get more shares of these high quality and innovative companies as they will likely continue to go back higher after giving you twice as many shares. 

I like the income that my BDC's and REIT's give me (mostly every single month) and have small stakes in many high quality quarterly payers.  I am continuing to look for value in the market and to broadly diversify my holdings and income plays.

Any investment ideas or suggestions are welcome!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

One investment that worked

When reading through the investor relations part of McDonald's website I came across this a few years back and it has been updated since then.  Imagine 100 shares turning into this sum.  Since the current dividend is $0.77 for each share right now that would make every quarterly dividend $57,257.20 in your pocket.  Not to mention they will likely raise the dividend in the December quarter.  The stock is also around $100 so it is likely worth $800K-$1 million more then it was at the end of 2012.

It is not easy to time these investments or to know which will be the next one to make you rich.  If it were everyone would be doing it.  It may not be as realistic to most when they see it, but it is truly amazing how much success early investors in the golden arches would have had by now.  The best way to build wealth is to diversify and keep adding to high quality companies with wide moats at attractive prices.  This is one of many investments that if were in early, at the right time and price you could be very wealthy after holding several years.  This is one stock I will be comfortable holding onto for a long time to come.

Do you own McDonald's?  Do you think the growth can continue?

Disclosure: Long MCD 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

DRIP vs Cash Dividends

For all the dividend investors out there do you DRIP (dividend reinvestment plans) or take the cash and use it as you see fit?  As a relatively young person I tend to DRIP everything and accumulate more shares in stable companies.  As I receive many different monthly and quarterly dividends it compounds nicely by adding more shares. As long as the dividend stays constant or is raised the next month or quarter depending on payment frequency I will then receive more income from each investment.

Market data suggests that dividend stocks are much more stable and consist of the majority of gains in the stock market's history.  I have heard how things can become overvalued and why people prefer to use the cash for more undervalued stocks and respect that philosophy as well.  Unless you are living off the income and retired it seems that reinvesting into the market one way or another is the best option for building more wealth.

What do you think is the best strategy?  Do you DRIP, take the cash and run, or a combination of both?

What type of investor are you?

This is my first post and thought I'd ask what type of investor you are.

I am very interested in the stock market and like to research investing. Unfortunately not many people generally have knowledge or are interested in the stock market. Many people I have met have worked their whole life, but never paid attention to their investments or retirement planning.

The world of investments is complex and there are many different investment strategies and goals varying from person to person. Some are scared away by the normal up and down swings of the market and quit altogether. Others see it as an opportunity to make money. Which way is the most consistent way to make money? You can buy more shares of a penny stock or cheap investment and lose it all just as easy. You can buy less shares of a great business and use compounding to make a large sum over several years. There is ongoing debate between which are better mutual funds or individual stocks. Then there are bonds, ETF's, Options, Futures, and FOREX. There is no shortage of choices and opportunities to be involved in the markets as a speculator.

I have found dividends to be of the most stable and predictable way of making money longer term. I am sure you can make a lot on momentum stocks and options with taking more risk. I love watching dividends hit my account and do not know why people try to say they are too boring and not for anyone, but older people or retirees. By reading and studying about company's financial history through their websites, annual reports, and several investment blogs you can make a reasonable prediction on how they will perform into the future. This strategy has worked for a lot of people, but you must stay diversified as well. Having several high performing stocks that pay you to own a piece of their business is a great way to be involved in the market. Just in case one goes bad and cuts the dividend, others with rising payouts can quickly offset it. You can focus on which ones are most attractively priced within an overall market and buy what you choose. There is a tool some use called dollar cost averaging where you buy same amount of $ worth of shares no matter the price and as it fluctuates it will buy you more or less shares depending on the price.

What type of investor are you? Do you follow Warren Buffett or Benjamin Graham principles? Are you speculative or one who is too scared you will gamble away all your money?