Thursday, October 2, 2014

Dividend Update- September 2014

September is over and it is time to count up all the dividends received throughout September 2014.  A new personal best was set and will stand until December where I should be able to improve on.  I am still anticipating I will likely fall short of my goal this year in total dividends of $2700.  This is mainly because my buying has been put on hold for a couple months because of the cost of school and books these days.  I hope to be more active with acquiring income producing assets in the near future, but have been kind of stuck lately.  I eliminated my car payment debt at least and now own it 100%. The nice thing about this strategy is most of my dividend stocks are being reinvested in additional shares.  The portfolio continues to power along with higher income and share amounts without me at times.  Looks like we may see some decreases in our balances, but as long as our income keeps growing I'll be happy.  Once it is set up compounding can really take effect and if you are in a position to add more fresh capital you can reach Financial Independence that much faster.  I encourage everyone to keep on going down this path.  We started to get a little bit of a pullback that could be used to buy more value on the way down.  It can continue to correct for a bigger period of time then we expect.  That should not cause panic for the long term income investor, but rather encourage us to pick out the best values out there and accumulate more.