Friday, September 6, 2019

August 2019 Dividend Update

Hello everyone! I have started my Fall semester and continue to work a FT job as I take my second from last course before I complete my MBA degree. I have made a few moves recently which increased my risk and reward. I sold some of my PSEC shares before earnings and used the money to trade options. I made some profits on a couple of those trades so far. School is unbelievably expensive for the amount of income I am making at my job and nowhere near to covering tuition, books, and all these extra fees. On top of all that they keep on raising the rates on me as I progress throughout the program. Therefore I am hoping to make money and save some from trading within the core dividend portfolio to save more, pay off/possibly refinance high interest debt, and invest more down the line without carrying as much of a debt load. Once I finish my degree it will be nice to not have to keep on owing more money.