Sunday, November 3, 2013

Dividend Update-October 2013

October has passed and I am glad to report my dividend income for the month. I received some money for owning a portion of the some of the World's top companies. Some of these companies I purchased years ago and some more recently, but all provided me the opportunity to just let the shares sit in my account while they continue to meet their operations and grow their business. In the process of growing the business they decided to reward me as a loyal shareholder. I feel blessed and appreciated to be rewarded with this passive income. I agree with companies decisions to pay out dividends to shareholders, because I would rather have a portion of the earnings then trust a manager to have the opportunity to squander it or reinvest it in ways that for whatever reason don't work out during an uncertain economy. I continue my plan with the structure being to reinvest it back into the businesses that paid the dividend and compound my shares and dividend income month after month and year after year. My October 2013 dividend income was as follows: