Dividend Income

I will start to track my progress on here with dividend income.  My goals are for gradually increasing the amount of income I receive over time.

January 2024 $626.00
February 2024 $528.19
March 2024 $695.50
April 2024 $642.67

Janurary 2023 $462.18
February 2023 $445.90
March 2023 $588.52
April 2023 $479.56
May 2023 $520.12
June 2023 $594.15
July 2023 $489.79
August 2023 $499.16
September 2023 $652.15
October 2023 $536.88
November 2023 $538.14
December 2023 $768.92

Total 2023 Dividends/Capital Gains: $6,575.47

January 2019 $364.13
February 2019 $222.89
March 2019 $424.55
April 2019 $252.10
May 2019 $219.79
June 2019 $407.42
July 2019 $359.06
August 2019 $200.85
September 2019 $382.15
October 2019 $192.64
November 2019 $195.73
December 2019 $396.30

Total 2019 Dividends: $3,617.61

January 2018 $243.50
February 2018 $125.47
March 2018 $277.10
April 2018 $193.11
May 2018 $137.22
June 2018 $330.51
July 2018 $265.17
August 2018 $160.72
September 2018 $338.77
October 2018 $161.43
November 2018 $184.18
December 2018 $385.20

Total 2018 Dividends: $2,802.38

January 2017   $361.94
February 2017 $173.27
March 2017     $390.03
April 2017       $211.04
May 2017        $172.57
June 2017        $349.98
July 2017         $282.30
August 2017    $195.57
September 2017 $301.45
October 2017   $148.00
November 2017 $143.90
December 2017 $280.52

Total 2017 Dividends: $3,010.57

January 2016     $233.68
February 2016   $164.07
March 2016       $318.54
April 2016         $177.81
May 2016          $175.60
June 2016          $290.60
July 2016          $253.55
August 2016     $175.83
September 2016 $294.40
October 2016     $209.35
November 2016 $173.72
December 2016 $317.95

Total 2016 Dividends: $2,785.10

January 2015     $229.47
February 2015   $150.83
March 2015       $244.67
April 2015         $139.91
May 2015          $149.61 
June 2015          $251.23
July 2015           $194.37
August 2015      $147.48
September 2015 $257.60
October 2015     $156.18
November 2015 $160.04
December 2015 $286.09

Total 2015 Dividends: $2,367.48

January 2014       $197.65
February 2014     $144.68
March 2014          $224.52
April 2014            $150.62
May 2014             $150.23
June 2014             $243.24
July 2014               $158.62
August 2014          $158.24
September 2014    $249.63
October 2014         $163.14
November 2014     $157.34
December 2014     $274.92

Total 2014 Dividends:  $2272.83

January 2013          $74.85
February 2013        $76.69
March 2013            $132.29
April 2013              $91.80
May 2013               $124.43
June 2013               $170.63
July 2013                $123.65
August 2013           $126.54
September 2013     $195.39
October 2013         $132.68
November 2013     $131.96
December 2013      $215.39

Total 2013 Dividends:  $1,596.30


  1. With whom do you have your brokerage account? I use TD Ameritrade and Scottrade. I was thinking on using DRIP too, but recently Scottrade came up with a cool version of DRIP called Flexible dividend reinvestment and they actually allow you to use all eligible stocks combining the dividends and use them to purchase a different stock. That makes me think you can set up reinvesting all generated dividends in a stock #1 for 6 months, then next 6 month stock #2 etc. I think this will grow the portfolio faster.

    1. Dividend Investing Martin,

      This blog is based on just my regular taxable account which is through Etrade (I also have a Roth IRA with Etrade) and a work 403(b) plan with Fidelity. I saw the details of the plan awhile back on Dividend Mantra's page and looked exciting. However, it won't work for me at this stage because cannot get fractional shares of the more stable/ lower risk type stock. My dividend amounts are just not high enough to be worth switching.

      It sounds like a great idea and I hope the other brokerages follow their lead though.

      Best wishes with your journey!

    2. Your dividend income is increasing quickly. As you earn more money, and you reinvest those dividends, your passive income will only grow. Do you have a long-term goal of how much annual dividend income you are aiming for?

      Btw Etrade has some outrageous commissions. You might want to consider something like Tradeking with $4.95 commissions or Robinhood, with $0 commissions (although it is available only on an iPhone app). At the beginning stages of the game, keeping costs low is important.

      I use Interactive Brokers, and recommend it ( although if you have less than $100K there they charge you $10/monthly fee - still a steal given their $1/trade commissions)

      Good luck in your dividend investing journey!

      Dividend Growth Investor

    3. DGI,

      First, thanks for stopping by! I love the articles and work you are doing over there. Yeah I've had a couple conversations with E*Trade and don't like their expensive commissions. I just have been with them since they must have taken over HarrisDirect. I thought I may try the FRIP plan and now they say that's under maintenance too. The only thing that worries me with Loyal3 and all these other brokerages is that they are small and not really proven. I know how to use Etrade and everything on it pretty well.
      However, at some point I may be forced to open another account with more reasonable commission and fees.

      For dividend income I think $25K is a good goal that I would be really happy with in 10-15 years. I would like to get as high as possible eventually, but would like to focus on more quality dividend growth companies too. After that $36K tax cutoff rule would be really nice to hit. Who knows what happens with the rates, so always try to under promise and over deliver when it comes to retirement would be smart I think.

      If I make it depends on a lot of factors I guess. We'll see what happens and how close I can make it. Being in school for my bachelors still and possibly going for MBA/MSF or thinking of doing a CFA program is expensive and may set me back for a period of time.

      Keep up the great work!

  2. Hi there! And good job?
    Btw Are you from Finland? :)

    1. investingIdiot,

      Hello! And thank you! No I am from the USA. Are you from Finland? I believe Life In Center is from Finland though.

  3. Good going! Keep it up.

    Take care,
    Passive Income Mavericks

    1. PIM,

      Thank you and nice job over there yourself! Let's keep growing that Passive income so we can have more freedom over the time we have.

  4. It's like running a marathon, just keep on running and you will eventually pass the finish line. Your January 2014 compared to January 2013 is already a huge improvement. You've passed the first 5kms, keep running!

  5. $25000,

    That is a great way of looking at it. It is not easy, but once hit the finish line can either take a medal if you choose or keep training to be an elite dividend collector I guess could be said. You have a great blog and I like how you lay everything out about why you are doing all this for.

    I really appreciate the support you have provided since I started this blog. You are well on your way to $25000!

  6. Looks like you are growing your dividend income stream quite nicely. You are on pace to reach $2,150 (and likely more) by the end of 2014. That is roughly a 35% increase. Way to go...wishing you continued success!

    1. A Frugal Family's Journey,

      Yes, its growing slowly over time. I am on pace for a nice YoY increase, but lagging well behind this years goal of $2700. I'm searching for a way I can accelerate soon to get closer and hoping am able to achieve it. Your family is doing great over there and great blog.

      Thanks for stopping and following along!

      Take care.

  7. Nice dividend income. 2014 looks better than 2013 for you. Good signs of progress.

    Dear Dividend

    1. Dear Dividend,

      Thank you! I was investing small amounts pretty regularly for the last couple years. Wish I could afford to make bigger block purchases. Only so much money to invest, but the dividends start to pull some weight too. Hope to watch you reach some goals and able to improve life for the family.

      Best Wishes!

  8. Replies
    1. Trader,

      Thanks, I am glad you like it. Hope to have more time to post more often. Nice to have you around and keep in touch.

  9. Upward momentum, thats what its all about! Keep up the great work SWAN

    1. American Dividend Dream,

      Your portfolio has really taken off there. I think you have passed me up already. Hopefully I can continue to grow my income stream sustainably.

      Thanks for stopping by!