Thursday, April 2, 2015

March 2015 Dividend Update

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Time seems to be moving fast and I am looking forward to some warmer weather coming our way soon. Well here we are starting the second quarter of the year already. As for many March is usually one of the bigger dividend months for companies because companies like McDonalds, Boeing, ExxonMobil, and Kellogg pay. On top of those and many more Realty Income pays EVERY month. The process and plan seems to be more and more appealing as I watch that income hit all our accounts and enable further growth. School and work are both moving forward in the right direction and I am happy to be able to provide another update.

Ford Motor Company (F) $3.31
Pimco High Income Fund (PHK) $1.82
Wheeler REIT (WHLR) $5.04
Southern Copper Corporation (SCCO) $1.33
Boeing Company (BA) $21.02
Chambers Street Properties (CSG) $0.58
ExxonMobil Corporation (XOM) $7.91
Johnson&Johnson (JNJ) $2.45
United States Steel Corporation (X) $0.37
Whitestone REIT (WSR) $5.74
Southside Bancshares (SBSI) $9.05
Unilever PLC Sponsored ADR (UL) $3.63
CSX Corporation (CSX) $1.91
Horizon Finance Technology Corporation (HRZN) $1.40
Independence Realty Trust (IRT) $1.29
MAIN Street Capital Corporation (MAIN) $1.70
McDonalds Corporation (MCD) $33.79
Realty Income Corporation (O) $21.60
STAG Industrial Inc. (STAG) $1.23
Voya Global Equity Dividend and Premium Opportunity Fund (IGD) $2.19
Enerplus Corporation (ERF) $5.21
Inland Real Estate Corporation (IRC) $0.74
Pengrowth Energy Corporation (PGH) $0.21
Student Transportation Inc. (STB) $1.55
Kellogg Company (K) $8.46
Linnco LLC (LNCO) $1.18
Prospect Capital Corporation (PSEC) $35.18
RLI Corporation (RLI) $0.79
Waste Management Inc. (WM) $6.32
Gamco Global Gold Natural Resources & Income Fund (GGN) $6.98
Stone Harbor Emerging Markets Income Fund (EDF) $4.46
Armour Residential REIT (ARR) $0.10
BP PLC Sponsored ADR (BP) $3.78
Coach Inc. (COH) $3.09
Cornerstone Progressive Return Fund (CFP) $7.86
Fifth Street Finance Corporation (FSC) $6.26
Gladstone Capital Corporation (GLAD) $3.45
LTC Properties Inc. (LTC) $5.56
PepsiCo Inc. (PEP) $7.83
Reaves Utility Income Fund (UTG) $3.21
Wheeler REIT (2) (WHLR) $5.09

March 2015 Total Dividends:$244.67

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  1. Looking good there SWAN! That is a ton of companies! Great news is that if one of them fail to raise dividend or cut dividend, you have plenty more to pick up the slack.

    Keep up the great work!

    1. American Dividend Dream,

      Yeah it's hard to do the update fast with so many different companies, but that's a good thing. I have had a fees cuts between end of last year and now and the portfolio has held up well. I been playing options last couple months to pay for school and a study abroad trip.

      Thanks for stopping by! Happy Easter!

  2. That's some serious diversity there swan and nice income to boot. Looks like one of your best months ever.

    1. Captain Dividend,

      Good job over there leaving me in the dust. Your chart over there has really taken off. I am happy just wish had more capital to deploy into creating more income.

      Thanks for visiting. Happy Easter!

  3. That's so many companies! Very awesome to see. You're really raking in the dividends now and it's inspiring to see. Keep at it and thanks for sharing :)

    1. MDG,

      School has and likely will set me back for some time longer. It should still slowly grow just not at the same pace as the last few years. I'll do my best to try and bring the dividend totals higher by buying more solid companies whenever I can get the chance and income to do so.

      I really enjoyed reading your last dividend update for March as well.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Wow that's a long list indeed! Do you plan on diversifying even more or adding in existing positions? Any idea of the % you have per sector? I just can't remember if I read about it on your blog...

    Other than that, nice month for you, congrats! Talking about warmer weather... the longest and coldest winter EVER for us in Quebec! haha Can't wait to be done with it!



    1. DivGuy,

      Yeah this typically will happen during the payment schedule of March, June, September, and December. I have not really broken down per sector, but would imagine I have quite a few REITs mixed in with some long term solid blue chip companies. Maybe I should try to do that sometime soon. I want to add to the companies I have that are undervalued, but I still think there are quite a few new companies I could see adding in also. Don't really have the capital to use right now to do either though.

      I don't like the cold winters at all. It seems like they are worse and last longer every year.

      I am enjoying your blog posts!