Monday, April 13, 2015

Market thoughts and 50,000 Pageviews

The stock market has been bouncing around during the first quarter from positive, to negative, and back to unchanged on the year. The volatility is likely to stay around most believe and may be a normal part of investing for the foreseeable future many believe. Traders usually either love or hate this kind of market depending on what side they fall on. There is no reason you cannot be successful at both, but long term dividend investors like many of us tend to ignore the market gurus. Just keep on doing what we need to do to achieve our goals and ambitions to make our way to freedom. There are a lot of interesting headlines and an upcoming election that may influence market direction. I am usually a bullish investor, but also like accumulating at cheaper prices if a correction does occur.

A few stocks to watch that are relatively cheap today I think would be CocaCola, BP, and XOM. I see no reason why these companies would have any trouble over the long term creating shareholder value through dividends and capital gains. The only problem I see potentially being hit out of those 3 names is BP being hurt by the oil price decline and all those fines from the Gulf spill. I still would be willing to put investment money into BP because they are gearing up for tough times and have the dividend as a priority.

I will continue to be investing in The Walt Disney Company stock on a monthly basis and hopefully accumulate a nice stake over time.

On another note my blog has hit 50,000 pageviews since I started it. I am happy and excited for the future posts and interactions with other bloggers and investors. I have been happy with this dividend blogging community and look forward to the rest of 2015 and beyond.

Disclosure: Long DIS, BP, KO, XOM

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